Faculty Roles and Rewards 2005

E. Faculty Roles and Rewards

85% of institutions reported rewarding community-based research or service-learning in faculty review, tenure, and/or promotions, as compared to 83% in 2003-04.

Figure 14. Inclusion of community-based research or service in faculty review, tenure and/or promotion

Institutional Support for Faculty in Service Programs/Service-Learning Courses

As shown in Figure 15, institutions were most likely to provide support faculty involvement in service/civic engagement program and service-learning courses by providing materials to assist faculty in reflection and assessment (78%), conducting faculty development workshops (74%), and providing curriculum models and/or syllabi. Institutions were less likely to support faculty involvement in service-related activities by providing sabbaticals for service-related activities (20%). Institutions were also less likely to give faculty awards for their service-related activities (40%).

Figure 15. Institutional support for faculty involvement in service/civic engagement programs and service-learning courses

Of those 12% of respondents that suggested there were other ways in which faculty were supported by the institution to be involved in service-related activities, the most frequently occurring responses included (a) monetary incentives (awards, grants, and stipends); (b) the existence of a service learning faculty liaison and coordinator; and (c) recognition for service involvement.

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