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BPACE: I.T. & the CEP

November 29, 2019

Registration to join a C.O.P. opens October 10th

By joining one of our new communities of practice (CoP) on Information Technology (IT) and the Community Engaged Professional (CEP), you can help to shape best practices and share ideas to support yourself and peers. These communities will be open to everyone working in the domains of community engagement and higher education, but the sponsor will cap each group’s number of participants to twelve (12) in order to keep the groups manageable and engaged. Please review the information below about these groups, then plan to come back on, or shortly after, October 10th to find details about registering for these communities (registration will close once we have reached our capacity of 36 individuals).

Community A: Beginner’s level group. This community will consist of C.E.P.s that have some prior experience with collecting data (typically done through a basic survey or excel file, not a robust, relational platform) on campus-community engagement, but only at the center- or program-level. Individuals in this group are still developing their knowledge of which I.T. platforms are out there for tracking campus-community engagement and the necessary steps and resources (time, money, political capital, etc.) to implement that platform at the campus-level.

Community B: Competent-level group. C.E.P.s in this group have been overseeing a robust (possibly relational) information technology platform for greater than or equal to two years. Individuals in this group are confident that they have selected the most appropriate IT platform to track campus-community engagement (whether a vended product or ‘home-grown’), which is used at the broadest level possible for their campus. These individuals will still wish to learn how other practitioners/peers continuously on-board and sustain engagement with their IT platform, but will be more interested in how to use that data to ask research questions, use the data, and inform or better practices with community.

COMMUNITY C: (created only if registration approaches 36). The makeup of this community will be determined once registration has reached its max at 36 people (12 people/community). Since it is unknown, at this time, the range of capacities, previous experiences, and knowledge or skill-level of those interested in building a community around the above dynamics– collecting data, informing practices, tracking and monitoring, plus community-campus engagement—the make-up of this group will be determined after registration closes. It could be some ‘level’ between beginning and competent, or another group of beginners or another group of competent practitioners- we will know more when registration closes (see timeline below). NOTE: In the event that registration numbers do not approach 36, we will not be hosting/offering this third community.

Registration opens Thursday, October 10, 2019! There are no fees to participate in this experience.


November 29, 2019


H.A. Weiss, Indiana Campus Compact


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