To Improve Retention, Community Colleges Teach Self-Esteem

April 15, 2015

Campus Compact’s Connect2Complete program has been featured in the article “To Improve Retention, Community Colleges Teach Self-Esteem” in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Connect2Complete (C2C) tries to tackle the problem that many students in community colleges face – that taking remedial education classes, otherwise known as developmental education classes, can be discouraging. The program uses service-learning to empower students. This approach is not generally found in community colleges, however C2C “flips it upside down and introduces community service and community engagement right from the start” says Krista Kiessling, service-learning director at Owens Community College, one of the participating colleges. “Putting them in situations in which they are the ones providing services is empowering in all kinds of ways.”

You can read the full article on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s website with a subscription, here.

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