Key Readings on Asset-Based Community Development and Engagement

*Updated October 2018*

Essential Readings

  • Hamerlinck, J., & Plaut, J. (2014). Asset-based community engagement in higher education. Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota Campus Compact.
  • McKnight, J. (2017). Asset-based community development: The essentials. Chicago, IL: Asset-Based Community Development Institute.

Additional Key Readings

  • Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation. What is Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)?, L. P., & Daughtery, L. (2011). Introducing asset-based models of social justice into service learning: A social work approach. Journal of Community Practice, 19(1), 80–99.
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  • McKnight, J & Russell, C. (2018). Four Essential Elements of an Asset-Based Community Development Process. 
  • Principles of Good Practice. Community Development Society.