CC4D Communities of Practice

Community of Practice (CoP) is a learning community, or collegial network, that we define as “a group of people who share interest in an area of inquiry and engage in collective learning about that issue as it relates to their work or practice. Through discussions, joint activities, and relationship building, the community of practice develops a shared and individual repertoire of resources, skills, and knowledge to use in their practice.” (MN Campus Compact).

In October 2019, Campus Compact welcomes community engagement professionals and a team of distinguished facilitators to co-create virtual Communities of Practice (CoP).  All Campus Compact CoPs embrace and embody the following equity-based principles that:  (a) everyone has knowledge to share, (b) everyone has learning to do, and (c) participants bring many identities and ways of knowing and that such diverse expressions should be encouraged and incorporated into CoP activities.

CC4D Communities of Practice in
Service Learning

October 2019-March 2020

The first of the series of CC4D CoPs is dedicated to Service Learning in Community Colleges.  This CoP consists of approximately 24 participants in three regional cohorts.

These CoPs explore the best practices and models in service learning in community colleges.  Due to current priorities and directions among community colleges, how can we advance service learning in community colleges for broader reach, more equity and accessibility, and greater community impact?  Participation in these CoPs will provide community college professionals with the space to share, reflect on, and build knowledge around:

  • Models for service learning for community colleges that are equitable and accessible given the unique challenges and opportunities at community colleges.
  • A review of successful and sustainable community college service learning models.
  • Best practices in recruiting, training, and assessing service learning.
  • Expansion of a clearinghouse of programs, syllabi, models, and projects specific to community colleges.

The CoPs are facilitated by community college professionals from Campus Compact member institutions. 


Fagan Forhan
Associate Dean of K-12 Partnerships and Civic Engagement
Mount Wachusett Community College, MA

Lori Moog
Director of Service Learning and Community Outreach
Raritan Valley Community College, NJ


  • Jesse Bennett, Director of Service-Learning, Central Piedmont Community College, NC
  • Meghan Callaghan, Community Engagement, Bunker Hill Community College, MA
  • Marie Clucas, Associate Professor of Sociology, Tunxis Community College, CT
  • Janel D’Agata-Lynch, Civic Engagement, Service Learning and Community Resources Coordinator, Northern Essex Community College, MA
  • Tara Holmberg, Professor in Environmental Science and Biology, Northwestern Connecticut Community College, CT
  • Malaysia Lemons, Community Advocate for the ACM College to Community Partnership Center, Allegany College of Maryland, MD
  • Maria Malagisi, Service-Learning Coordinator, Onondaga Community College, NY
  • Diane McMahon, Associate Professor Sociology, Faculty Director of the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Center, Allegany College of Maryland, MD
  • Flo Plagenz, Supervisor, Community Partners & Service-Learning, Columbus State Community College, OH
  • Catherine Willis, Assistant Director of the Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement, Adjunct Faculty, Hudson Valley Community College, NY


Merry Mayer
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Wilbur Wright College, IL

Josh Young
Director, Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy
Miami Dade College, FL


  • Sara Alpert, Community Based Learning Coordinator, Dutchess Community College, NY
  • Brooke Dove, Coordinator of Student Activities/Success Coach, Alamance Community College, NC
  • April Gabbert, Director of Student Life, Ivy Tech Community College, IN
  • Deena Kausler, Professor of Psychology and Service-Learning Coordinator, Jefferson College, MO
  • Laura Lanning, Dean-Public Affairs/Social Services & Business, Ivy Tech Community College-Kokomo, IN
  • Kristen Marangoni, Assistant Professor of English and Service-Learning Coordinator, Tulsa Community College, OK
  • Ilona Owens, Director of Student Success, Alamance Community College, NC
  • Megan Riddle, Adjunct Faculty, Northern Oklahoma College, OK
  • Marcia Shottenkirk, Department Head, Professor of Liberal Arts, and Director of Service-Learning, Redlands Community College, OK
  • Lindsey Smitherman-Brown, Professor of Humanities, Tallahassee Community College, FL


Duane Oakes
Faculty Director, Center for Community and Civic Engagement
Mesa Community College, AZ

Patty Robinson
Faculty Director of Civic and Community Engagement Initiatives
College of the Canyons, CA


  • Wendy Bird, Faculty/Service Learning Center Co-Coordinator, Red Rocks Community College, CO
  • Hannah Cherry, Community-Based Learning Program Coordinator, Portland Community College, OR
  • Landis Elliott, Workforce Development Manager, Estrella Mountain Community College, AZ
  • Katherine Haar, Service-Learning & Civic Engagement, Program Supervisor, Chandler Gilbert Community College, AZ
  • Krista Kiessling, Director, Campus and Community Connections, Owens Community College, OH
  • Denise Pierson, Service Learning Coordinator, Kapiolani Community College, HI
  • Dawn Rhodes, Program Coordinator, Mesa Community College, AZ