Coca-Colonization and Christmas Cheer in Mexico

Editor‚Äôs Note: This guest post is a strong reminder of the economic, social, cultural, and even ontological complexity of cross-cultural cooperation, whether in the context of development, international volunteering, or global service-learning. The post was sparked by a Coca Cola advertisement in Mexico. The company has pulled the ad following considerable critique in Mexico and around the world. In addition to surfacing the complex questions at the heart of idealized cross-cultural cooperation, the ad also serves as a reminder that within-country, domestic cross-cultural efforts often have all of the features of international development or international service-learning partnerships.   Jordan Thomas, Kansas State University¬† Coca-Cola recently wished the Mixe indigenous community in Oaxaca, Mexico a Merry Christmas in what may be the most problematic holiday greeting of the year. On the surface, the advertisement glows with positivity. The video states that many Mexican indigenous groups are ashamed to speak their native languages, and it shows beautiful white youth going to a … Continue reading Coca-Colonization and Christmas Cheer in Mexico