How does the Census work? FAQs

The census takes place starting April 1, 2020 and is based on the address where someone is living/staying on that specific day.

    • Student highlight: It is NOT based on your “permanent address” or who might claim you as a dependent on their taxes.
    • Students who live on campus in residence halls will have their census information completed for them by their college or university. Everyone else must complete one census form on their own for all the people living at their address.

First, people will be asked to complete an online or phone census form. Those who don’t respond will receive a paper form in the mail. Census enumerators, people from your area who are being employed by the Census, will come to the doors of those who don’t complete the paper form.

Confidentiality: By law, your responses cannot be used against you by
any government agency or court in any way. Read more from the US Census Bureau about Census confidentiality here.

Campuses may want to create their own FAQs specific to their context. Here is an example from James Madison University.