Campus Compact President’s Essay Published in Well-Being and Higher Education

August 19, 2016

“What Does Doing Good Mean?” is the central topic of Campus Compact President Andrew Seligsohn’s work featured in the newest release from Bringing Theory to Practice, Well-Being and Higher Education. This collection of essays explores the multiple connections of well-being to higher education and why those connections matter—for the individual lives of students and those who teach; for the institution; and for whether or not the unique promise of higher education to a democratic society can be advanced and realized.

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In his essay, Seligsohn navigates higher education’s role in fostering engaged citizenship in students through the lens of a contemporary American society built on profound inequality.  Engaging issues of race and class, Seligsohn stresses the need to understand the inherent link between students’ experiences – both broadly in higher education and specifically with service – and their identities.

It is not only that poor and wealthy children live in different worlds, it is also that those worlds are built to replicate the inequalities they embody.

Explore the future of higher education and Campus Compact President Andrew Seligsohn’s take on “Doing Good” from the perspectives of diverse student populations and institutions themselves in this important read.

Well-Being and Higher Education is available for purchase via the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ Online Publications Store in hard copy, as well as digitally as an eBook (PDF).


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