AmeriCorps Member Spotlight: Mischelle Brown

June 28, 2021

Mischelle Brown serves as an AmeriCorps member with Campus Compact K2H Civic Futures at PeaceJam in Arvada, Colorado.

Tell us a bit about your project!
I’m convening a group of adult mentors, The Empowerment Team. The PeaceJam Rocky Mountain Youth Cabinet (PJYC) Empowerment Team is responsible for lending direction for PJYC in their decision-making around sustainability, social justice, and civic engagement while supporting the long-term vision for (PJYC). The board provides leadership, mentorship, and consultation to PJYC members. The PJYC/Empowerment Team relationship is a partnership, and the appropriate involvement of the board is both critical and expected.

The Empowerment Team will be a 2-year appointment of a diverse group of adults with skill sets in some of these areas: sustainability, academia, social justice, public office, law, nonprofit, DEI, and entrepreneurship.

What have you learned from your AmeriCorps K2H service?
I have learned that community capacity building, networking, multitasking, and service feeds the soul of this sentient being.  Additionally, I’ve observed that each AmeriCorps member I’ve encountered is deeply committed to their cause. It’s so great.

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