#AIEA2017 Transcending Boundaries, Transdisciplinarity, & Ethical Global Engagement

February 19, 2017

I’m honored to be presenting on transdisciplinary practice and ethical global engagement with several insightful colleagues this week at the Association of International Education Administrators Annual Conference. Presentations times, titles, abstracts, and slides are all available below.

Monday, February 20, 12:30pm: Linking Silos: International Educators as Transdisciplinary Bridge-Builders

This session looks at International Education scholar-practitioners working across silos in creative and impactful ways.  Presenters will briefly highlight three models including the development of deliberate faculty-staff learning communities, a project linking SIOs and Historians, and the potential in forms of writing that resist categorization.  Participants will draw on their own practice and scholarship to explore how transdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to International Education can disrupt silos and lead to innovative thought and action. Full presentation available here.

Tuesday, February 21, 12:30pm: Senior Internationalization Officers as Responsible Leaders – Exploring standards and responsibilities of international educators

Poorly performing international volunteering and service-learning programs can create tangible harm, particularly among vulnerable populations. Presenters will share research-based critiques of such practices, followed by mutually empowering models of engagement that advance student learning and support ethical global community-driven development. Full presentation available here. 

Eric Hartman is Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship at Haverford College and co-founder of globalsl.org. He has written on ethical community engagement and (global) citizenship development for several peer-reviewed and popular publications including The Stanford Social Innovation Review,  International Educator, Tourism and Hospitality Researchand The Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning. Contact him on Twitter or find more publication info on academia.edu.

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