Peer Review Process

This peer review process is a formative opportunity to gain fresh insights on your Civic Action Plan and to provide others with ideas and feedback based on your experience in civic action planning so far. 

We recognize that there is no one right way to develop a Civic Action Plan, just as there is no one right way to review one. You might provide feedback as an individual, have a team from your institution review and craft a shared response, compile individual responses from your institutional civic action planning team members, or whatever structure makes sense for your institution.

Your contact information and feedback will be shared with the primary Civic Action Planning contact at the institution seeking peer review to provide opportunities for follow-up, clarification, or future collaboration.

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Following the submission of your interest form, your institution will be paired with two other institutions also seeking feedback. We will create feedback loops of similar institution types if possible. Each participating institution will be expected to review one or two plans from other institutions and provide feedback. Reviewer contact information will be shared for any necessary follow up related to clarification, collaboration, etc.