Center for Service and Learning mission, vision, slogan, values, and goals

Through a strategic planning process with campus and community input, the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Center for Service and Learning created the following mission, vision, slogan, values, and goals for the Center:

Mission Statement:
To involve students, faculty, and staff in service activities that mutually benefit the campus and community. The Center for Service and Learning collaborates with other campus units, develops community partnerships, promotes service learning, and coordinates programs in order to further the academic and public purposes of the university.

Vison: To make service a distinctive aspect of the educational culture at IUPUI.

Slogan: Connecting campus and community through service.


The staff of CSL values programs that
are innovative, cohesive, and educationally meaningful
change lives through a commitment to the ethic of service
improve social conditions in the community
involve reflective practice that informs participants
build upon campus and community assets

The staff of CSL values program operations that:
use teamwork to improve program implementation
employ creative leadership to foster effective collaboration
demonstrate scholarly rigor
monitor and assess outcomes for program improvement
use resources in an ethical, informed, and effective way

The staff of CSL values collaborative relationships that:
celebrate and recognize the contributions of others
promote integrity and commitment
are formed through constructive dialogue
develop over time
respect diverse perspectives of all stakeholders

Goals and Objectives:

To support the development of service learning classes.
Increase the number of faculty teaching service learning classes.
Increase understanding and support for service learning among administrators in each academic unit on campus.
Collaborate with campus teaching and learning initiatives to provide resources.
Increase student enrollment in service learning classes.

To increase campus participation in community service activities.
Expand Community Service Scholarship program.
Develop and secure resources to support involvement in community service.
Increase ways to recognize those involved in community service activities.

To strengthen campus-community partnerships.
Expand Office of Neighborhood Resource range of campus-community partnerships.
Deepen and expand the WESCO-IUPUI partnership.
Collaborate with campus units and central Indiana communities to develop and implement a visionary civic agenda for IUPUI.

To advance the scholarship of service.
Collaborate with faculty and departmental units on scholarship and research. Collaborate with national organizations on scholarship and research. Conduct research and disseminate results to stakeholders.

To promote civic engagement in higher education.
Document the various campus forms of Civic Engagement.
Build consensus among academic leadership of the importance of civic engagement to meet school and campus mission.
Collaborate nationally to further higher education’s commitment to civic engagement.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) - IN, Indiana
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