Campus Compact Annual Membership Survey

Campus Compact Member Survey

Campus Compact has conducted an annual membership survey since 1986. Its 2014 AS Cover Imagepurpose is to assess the current state of campus-based community engagement and to identify emerging trends. It remains an important point of reference for examining growth over nearly three decades and for charting a course for the future. It remains the most comprehensive and widely distributed review of service, service learning, and community engagement in higher education and provides the clearest reflection on the changes in institutional commitment to community-based teaching, learning, and research over time.

The 2014 Annual Membership Survey “Three Decades of Institutionalizing Change” tells a story of continued growth in support structures for campus engagement, leading to notable levels of engagement with students, faculty, and community partners:

  • Integration of community engagement into the curriculum is widespread with 91% of the 434 responding institutions offering service-learning courses; 64% of institutions require academic service-learning as part of the core curriculum.
  • Presidents and chancellors at member institutions continue to lead and support community engagement. Nearly 90% of member presidents publicly promote community engagement, with 80% participating in community engagement. More than 70% of presidents and chancellors financially support the work.
  • Institutions report that they currently include community partners in engagement work and institutional life through a variety of mechanisms. The leading strategies include: formal opportunities to discuss concerns with administrators (68%), service on unit-specific (65%) or institution-wide community advisory boards (43%) and service on the Board of Trustees (63%).

    You can read the 2014 Executive Summary here.

1986 AS Cover


In the Spring of 1986, Campus Compact launched its first survey of members. Read it here. 


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2014 Member Survey Affinity Report: FT...

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