Campus Compact Annual Membership Survey

Campus Compact Annual Membership Survey

2016 Member Survey

Submissions are due November 23, 2016 by 11:59 EST.

Easier. Faster. Compare data by state, nationally, and by institution type.

Campus Compact invites you to complete the annual member survey for 2016. We are nearing the completion of the revisions that have taken place over the past two surveys. With this 2016 survey, we are returning to our practice of alternating question sets and have made very few updates to the question sets from last year.

We will be inviting individual Survey Leads on each member campus to complete the survey on behalf of the institution. Each Survey Lead will receive a unique invitation link. We recognize survey completion is a team effort and will rely on this contact to help gather data and complete the comprehensive report. If another person at the institution should serve as the Survey Link instead, please contact Maggie Grove at mgrove {at} compact(.)org and we will make the update.

Your institution’s participation in this national survey is very important. Together we will be able to develop a greater understanding of today’s trends and practices in higher education community engagement. Thank you for your participation!


  • All data reported in the survey should reflect the 2015-16 Academic Year.
  • Multiple offices will need to provide data for the most accurate campus portrait.
  • The survey is to be completed online. You can save, exit and return as needed and do not need to return to the same computer.
  • We recommend that you review questions before starting, gathering information needed from other institutional offices and/or committees. You can print a shareable copy of these survey questions.
  • You can change an answer by returning to an item already completed and entering a different response — but only prior to hitting the “submit” button.
  • Once you select the “submit” button on the last page, you will not be able to edit or return.
  • When responding to questions about students, please include data for all students — graduate and undergraduate — at your institution.
  • Basic characteristics of your institution will be pulled from the Integrated Postsecondary Education System (IPEDS) and integrated into your institution’s survey data.
  • You may want to begin by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • The survey site will be open between September 29, 2016 and November 23, 2016. Please start early so that you will have time to gather the information requested.
  • If you gather all information prior to starting the survey, it should take 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • An Executive Summary of survey results will be available in the spring of 2016 along with templates for comparing institutional data with the national pool, within the state, and by institution type. You can view the 2015 Executive Summary and associated reports on the Campus Compact


With thanks:

This iteration of the Campus Compact survey is the product of an on-going effort to ensure greater alignment of our data with other instruments in the field while maintaining continuity with data gathered historically. We hope the data we gather will be useful for practitioners and researchers, and we hope our members will find that the process of responding to the survey gives them a head­ start in data collection for other institutional and national purposes.

We are grateful to the following people for their contributions as members of a committee dedicated to this effort:

  • Matthew Hartley, committee chair, Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education and Director of the Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Adrienne Falcon, Director of Academic Civic Engagement and Lecturer in Sociology at Carleton College
  • Robert Reason, Professor, Student Affairs and Higher Education Program in the School of Education and Associate Director of Research and Administration at Iowa State University
  • Debby Scire, Executive Director, Campus Compact for New Hampshire
  • Nancy Thomas, Director, CIRCLE’s Initiative for the Study of Higher Education and Public Life and Campus Counts, Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University
  • Laurie Worrall, Executive Director, New York Campus Compact

2015 Membership Survey

Campus Compact has conducted an annual membership survey since 1986. Its purpose is to assess the current state of campus-based community engagement and to identify emerging trends. It remains an important point of reference for examining growth over nearly three decades and for charting a course for the future. It remains the most comprehensive and widely distributed review of service, service learning, and community engagement in higher education and provides the clearest reflection on the changes in institutional commitment to community-based teaching, learning, and research over time.

Campus Compact conducted an online member survey for twelve weeks beginning in October 2015 to capture student and faculty involvement in communities; assess institutional support and culture; and gather information on community­ campus partnerships, tracking mechanisms, and more. Community engagement professionals at member colleges and universities were asked to coordinate a single institutional response with the most complete and accurate data possible. The survey is the most comprehensive and widely distributed review of service, service­ learning, and community engagement in higher education and provides the clearest reflection on the changes in institutional commitment to community ­based teaching, learning, and research over time.

Of 1079 member institutions in 2015, 400 responded to the survey, with a national response rate of 37%. 

The 2015 Campus Compact member survey provides evidence of both the substantial community engagement infrastructure that exists across our network Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.56.53 AMof institutions and an emergent commitment to the systemic alignment of these efforts. The data gathered this year demonstrate depth and diversity in student civic learning opportunities and attention to assessing the impact of engaged teaching, scholarship, and activities—both on student development and on community health.

Campus Compact’s 30th Anniversary Action Statement provides a useful frame within which to interpret the data from this year’s survey. In signing the statement, member presidents and chancellors are committing to accelerate the pace of change in the years ahead by taking action to make the institutional systems, policy, and cultural changes necessary to fulfill the public purposes of higher education in an environment of increasing polarization and inequality. Survey results reinforce that institutions are poised for this challenge and are already running toward it, a state of the field that becomes evident when the data are aligned with the five commitments that form the heart of the Action Statement.

2015 Affinity Reports

1986 AS Cover


In the Spring of 1986, Campus Compact launched its first survey of members. Read it here. 


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