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As community colleges serve large populations of underprepared and vulnerable students at a time of decreasing budgets, they seek innovative and cost-effective ways to increase graduation rates while supporting high-quality learning experiences for all students. Connect2Complete (C2C), developed by Campus Compact, is a new model that takes advantage of existing resources to increase student learning and success.

C2C integrates two key features—service-learning and peer advocacy—into developmental education courses designed to support underprepared students in getting ready for college-level coursework. Peer advocates are enrolled college students who, in addition to leading service-learning projects, serve as mentors, advocates, and advisors to their peers in developmental education courses. This integrated strategy enables students to connect in meaningful ways with their peers and instructors and to experience the relevance of their coursework to the real world, both on campus and in their communities. The C2C strategy encourages academic, personal, and social development, as well as development of students’ cultural identity and critical civic consciousness—all key factors for student persistence.

Implementing Connect2Complete

Connect2Complete Resource Guide

Connect2Complete Resource Guide

The success of the C2C program has prompted Campus Compact to create this Resource Guide to help colleges implement the C2C model on their own campuse…

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