2017 Newman Civic Fellowship Nomination Cycle

Nominations for the 2017 Newman Civic Fellowship are now open. All nominations are due by 11:59 PM EST on March 3, 2017. All nominations must be submitted electronically using Campus Compact’s online nomination form.

Please Note:

  • Nominee must be currently enrolled at a Campus Compact member institution
  • Nominee must be nominated by the president or chancellor of their institution
  • Each institution may nominate only one student
  • For institutions with both undergraduate and graduate programs, presidents and chancellors are encouraged to recommend the most deserving student, with preference given to undergraduate students
  • In keeping with Frank Newman’s passion for educational access, we encourage presidents and chancellors to give preference to students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in higher education
  • Nominee must have at least one year of their education remaining (either at their current institution or at a different one)
  • Nominees must commit to providing a short reflection piece (video, article, or letter format) to Campus Compact during their fellowship year
  • Nominee’s institution must commit to helping the nominee identify a local mentor for the duration of the fellowship

The Newman Civic Fellowship is intended to honor the leadership legacy of Frank Newman by recognizing community-committed students who:

  • Engage in collaborative action with others from campus or from surrounding communities in order to create long-term social change
  • Take action in addressing issues of inequality and political polarization
  • Demonstrate the motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement

Institutions seeking guidance on how to proceed in selecting a student to nominate for the Newman Civic Fellowship can consult the Newman Civic Fellowship FAQ page, where examples of nomination processes from several Campus Compact member institutions are provided.

We suggest that presidents and chancellors first review the nomination form and collect all necessary materials prior to beginning the nomination submission. You will not be able to save and go back to the form later. For those who would like a printed copy of the nomination form to assist you in collecting materials, you can download a PDF copy of the nomination form HERE.